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Buying a Vacation Rental 

Vacation Rental Investments Made Easy

A vacation rental investment is an excellent strategy to make money in real estate. Today, making money with vacation rentals has become much easier than it was ever before, thanks to the growing acceptance of travelers willing to stay at private homes, condos and villas. Beach Time Rentals has partnered with a brokerage that specializes in helping clients identify, evaluate and negotiate exceptional income producing vacation rentals.  The Hayslett Team at RE/MAX Action First has served the local community since 1986 and has been involved in numerous vacation rental transactions.  You can contact them by calling 727-443-6700.  Contact them to set up a consultation on the pros and condos of purchasing and owning a vacation rental home in our area.

Vacation Rental Investment: What Are the Options?

Thinking about real estate investment to make money outside your 9-to-5 job? Buying a vacation rental home might be the best way to enter the real estate business and become a property investor.  Vacation rental investments are gaining popularity nowadays. Many people choose to buy vacation property as an investment and rent it out when they’re not using it themselves.  The idea is that you are actually buying a dual-purpose property. You can use it as a second home and spend your vacations there. Then you can rent it to guests for the rest of the year.  The major advantage of this approach is that you gain a source of steady income without having to necessarily buy an “investment” property. It’s your second home, and it looks as if you make money on the side.  Vacation rental investment is a great way to get some passive income if you do in-depth market research and come prepared. A vacation rental property that can generate enough rental income to pay for itself is a good place to start if you are interested in real estate investing.

If you buy the right home and manage it thru Beach Time Rentals, purchasing a vacation rental property can yield excellent results over the years. But you need a comprehensive business plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly and build a rewarding and profitable business.