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Vacation rental properties provide comfortable lodging, the ability to prepare meals, privacy and various forms of entertainment - all-in-one. Vacation rentals offer a natural and well-priced package deal and when divided among the (sometimes large) number of people that can occupy a home, the cost is reasonable, if not impressive. Beach Time Rental's vacation properties are held to high property standards and a long list of extra amenities, making it easy to settle in and have some fun. We offer a diverse selection of vacation rentals such as condos, beach houses, villas, retreats, cottages, townhomes and much more!

Save hundreds of dollars by booking last minute or submitting an offer. Beach Time Rentals is now offering the ability to submit an offer on the vacation rental you like. Let's say you found your dream vacation home but it's just a little bit out of your budget. What do you do, give up the dream? Never! Simply fill out the form below and click on SUBMIT AN OFFER. Beach Time Rentals allows you to select your vacation rental and submit a reasonable offer based on the original asking rate. Please ensure to check out the availability and asking rate on the desired vacation property before making an offer on any of our Beach Time Rentals vacation properties.

Here's how it works: The price you offer is per stay and does not include taxes or fees. We will calculate this additional charges and provide you a summary of your "Total Charges" on your confirmation if the offer is accepted. Within 24 hours of making your offer request, Beach Time Rentals will contact you by e-mail and provide you with either an acceptance notifying you that your offer has been accepted or an automatic counter offer.

To complete your reservation and secure your dates you must provide a signed rental agreement and a credit card authorization form, these documents in addition to your payment details will be emailed to you after an agreement on your stay has been reached. At that time a reservation will be created for you at the home you chose at the agreed rate, then a downpayment will be charged on your credit card, this downpayment is NON-TRANSFERABLE & NON-REFUNDABLE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please Note: Only serious and reasonable fair offers will be reviewed. If your offer is too low NO CONTACT will be made. You are welcome to make another offer or contact our office at 800.691.8183 directly for more information.


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